So What is Blissfull Eating

Greetings My Fellow Species,


I’ve gone by the name Ainsley since birth, and occasionally Abbey if people confused me with my twin.


My passion, that grew from this earth as a weaving vine about this form, is a desire to heal people.

This want for healing might be an inner projection of a broken soul. The thing is, it is a brokenness seen throughout this world. The roots of humanity are in pain and they are the stems from which energy projects and vibrates through the airwaves. This energy affects life in beautiful ways to where we can feel our entire species as it learns the world around us. In the cons of this, we can feel our species and the nature that they live in.It feels like chaotic pain blurping out confusion and calling for the next flood.
There is a disconnect currently. We no longer understand one another.
Humans and nature are in conflict. We attempt to fight for survival without knowing our tools. We try to move them with us, but to new parts of earth that it does not know. All around us are objects that we’ve transformed through change. Plastic and chairs, titanium sporks and Furby’s. Green Eggs and hammers and axes. The problem is when someone tried to use an axe from a gene map on a rock they needed moved. Yeahhh he died and the next human had to learn to climb.
Change is inevitable and natural to us. We are the most adapted creatures on this earth due to changing within to mold to the out. Without the tools or our origins being around us we learn what we have. All foods become edible. My German and Irish roots followed us to America where we planted them into soil and grew potatoes. Everyishday I eat an avocado from Mexico and drink water from Iceland. We love to play with the world. We love to be part of it. Humans love to explore and hunt, adapting into the power that signals our whole bodies into survival across an entire planet.
How fudging cool with flecks of Himalayan salt. We can adapt to the entire world.
The issue is that everything we’ve moved has not yet adapted. Much of it has, and will continue to do so, but until we reach the next phase of adaptation the world will be in conflict as it decides.
Different cultures coming together means there are different ideas competing. They are deciding what tastes best, what way people should mate, how often we should eat and how to raise children. All of these issues are part of survival. Other animals have the genes that describe their lives and answer those questions. We have different ideas because we’ve originated from different environments. In Asia rice grew. In Australia Kangaroos roamed. In the cold Eskimos ate meat and seafood only. These ways of life worked because they were reactions to the environments people learned how to survive within.
Now we have reached a time where the ideas are in conflict as they compete with each other. Shark is eaten by Mexicans and Americans eat the entire world.
The body tries to adapt, but some people are unable to adapt. Without adaptation comes internal pain, both mentally and physically. Unfortunately this means the brain can project itself and tell humans to kill themselves. We can lose our minds to where hallucinations take reality and dreams become real memories. We become so active we lose control and never learn, the brain getting stuck in its equations. We supplement reality through images around us and liquids that stimulate us in the day until liquids bring us down at night.
We have lost connection.
It is time to understand again.
I want to be a bridge between nature and human to where they can cross through me and learn to understand one another over me. I wish to be part of the strength that holds the world together.

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SI-Ya Ray

Greetings beautiful people. I bliss out over crafting new flavors, interviewing test makers and restaurant owners and discovering the brain.

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