Blood to Plant Diet

So I tried to eat beef two eves ago and cried. The taste was like a horror movie screening exclusively for my taste buds. This from the human that wrote:

I opened up the glass container to put the cookie biscuits in and I opened it up to my primal meat blend. Red overtook my eyes, soaked into the meat, a red I so intently wanted in me.

The cookies looked pale and tan in comparison, gross colors I couldn’t bother with when this red was capturing me before me. I was so drawn in my pelvis and body leaned into it, arched towards it in desires, but respectful of its own desires, held in a pose that wanted to capture it back.
Then I clawed a handful of the bright red mouthhongare into me and it took my tongue forward into it. My tongue buds literally raised out to feel it, to be in it, to be as close to into the meat as my mouth could go. I stroked it all the way across without consciousness and bit with the focus so intense the moment went slow enough to still see and feel every moment of now. Slow motion took on a new effect within me, one so true the words soaked me.

I once ate only beef heart for two weeks and felt like pure human jizz manifested as the ultimate adult. Vegetarians made me sad and looked like cultists worshipping fear videos of caged animals. To survive without meat was to deny yourself iron and magnesium and the nutrients necessary to the brain. Organ meat has every nutrient in it that the human body needs. Other food just seemed like a waste of digestion.

And now I eat at vegetarian restaurants.

I’m still not anti-blood and think if you get meat from farmers, and especially if you eat the organs, then the animal kingdom has a natural flow to its pulse of what eats what. Be mindful and respect the beings that give you your life, but you do not have to switch to plants to fix the food chain.


What’s really odd to my reality is that I’m blood type AB. It is very rare and has badass nomad properties of digesting cheese. Since blood type is in the genes then it is the most sense-making to me. What your ancestors ate as they picked and slaughtered from the earth would be coded into your taste buds and your adaptations.

When I imagine the story of heredity it is like AB were a nomadic type of people so we would have eaten vegetables easily grabbed and swallowed over meat that would have to be stored. Fish was also accessible and a day to day treat that took minimal killing skills.

Fish Magic

According to the blood type diet, I should not eat red meat, except for lamb, and avoid chicken due to low acidity in my stomach. Basically, I don’t digest meat well. So I haven’t eaten cow or chicken for about a month now.

And then today I tried to eat lamb heart and it felt like spit pretending to be blood pretending to be food. This formed an existential personality crisis. Like meat was my religion and now I was worshipping plants. I missed that love of meat, that pleasure from red. It felt like losing a part of myself while accepting another part. That side giggling over fruit with its fairy dust turned liquid properties. The way a kiwi has complexity as you taste color and feel like you learn green. At first, oatmeal tasted like poverty and fruit caused sugar rush headaches, but after a month of this diet, my body has finally switched.

Austin said it would take two weeks for my body to accept a new diet, but this is the first day that my body craved the taste of carbs. Not just accepted me swallowing them, but actually wanted them. Instead of feeling sad at their touch I now can taste more flavor locked inside rice and the five layers of juice in a pineapple.

Sidenote: Austin is super sexy and lets me wake up next to him and stare at the gorgeous curves to his face. I crave his existence and yet feel more nurtured and safe within it than I have in my entire life.

He let me exploit him for this Vday picture.

If taste buds change every two years how long does it take to change your diet? I was on keto for three years and meat was all I craved. Sometimes kale and very often cheese, but those were just substitutes.

So how long does it take your body to switch its resource from fat to carbs?

Sushi and Jason are awesome. Fish is my main meat source now.


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