Mind Lifting Mouthgasms to A Lick of Bliss

Soooo this blog is now going to lick your brains as well as make you want to lick the pages. The blog is going through two changes. First of all the name is transforming from Mind Lifting Mouthgasms to A Lick of Bliss. Telling people my blog name was Mind Lifting Mouthgasms always garnered a fresh shock reaction but became annoying after two years of saying it. The second change is that my fiancee is joining me on this blog to bring in recipes and new ideas. We both are “healthy” according to our own beliefs on it and I love the perspectives we can offer. By having us both on here you get to have two different perspectives and get to taste his sweet potato pancakes made with just sweet potatoes.

My fiancee is merging into this blog so that it becomes a couple’s blog with delicious recipes and stories about what it is like to face this crazy world of “healthy living” together. At the beginning of our relationship, we debated for hours. I was still in keto and believed carbs would make me supersized and when I watched him eat bananas it was with more disgust than a hippy watching a bear violate a fish’s right to swim by biting its face off. I literally feared fruit and he had to force feed it to me one day to convince me eating more than two kiwis was not going to end my comfy version of reality revolving around keto.

Kiwi Nuts


In truth, I was probably suffering a food mental disorder by thinking if I was out of keto I would be fat and as such obsessing over carbs.

Now this blog will have many keto recipes, but be more about having a balanced lifestyle that still has no processed foods or gluten recipes.

Right now I eat a ton of fish and have a kiwi a day. I went off beef and realized I don’t digest it well, and lamb is the blood I want to live by.

Fish Magic

Please follow us on our food journey and let us know what your food journey is.

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SI-Ya Ray

Greetings beautiful people. I bliss out over crafting new flavors, interviewing test makers and restaurant owners and discovering the brain.

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