MickeyD’s the McSuicide Experiment Day Two

Can I regret the decision this early?

You know what this has a lot to do with though? Frustration. So much frustration at being told what we can eat and what we can not eat and I’ve been following it all my life. I’m so sick of it that Pepto would feel like a hand hug (vs a hug of course). I want to see how much of it is true because all around me people eat fast food and they look fat but some of them look happy…while other people get fat and hate themselves and I see my friends eat sugar and carbs and live happy lives while others get depressed and tell me their suicidal thoughts. Reddit.com/r/keto has a lot of stories about being depressed or ADHD and now those thoughts leaving. It isn’t a case study in a peer-reviewed journal but it is real people and true stories.

Last night I lovingly felt the body I’ve spent years maintaining and buying chia seeds and hemp hearts for while teaching it to love spinach, kombucha, snails and kale. I can eat brussels sprouts raw. Do you know how hard it is to bite bitter and smile? Yeah, that’s what learning to eat those is like. Eventually it is mega mouthgasm delightful, but at first…they were on a stalk though so that cool factor helped the Brussels to mouth airplane mode.

It is no chump change to eat grass-fed, organically certified veggies and eggs (because of the access to the outside scandal where cage-free means they can see clouds). So that’s actually going to be awesome for this experiment. It was $6 for a burger, fries, and soda which is around the same price as cooking everything myself and it being “healthy”. $7 for a pound of meat….alright on sheet two of the spreadsheet is a cost breakdown. It seems it is actually cheaper to eat organic then go to McDonald’s for a full meal. That…can’t be right. I found the prices online so later I’ll go to the store and get real world ones. I’ve also been caring about the amount of waste we produce as a society, while not caring, but considering the change we’ve been faced with the last year and the floods all over Texas I think caring is more appropriate so I might collect the amount of waste this experiment produces.

Photos of the day:

McD's Collage.jpg

I have a desire to jump out of this body but no major suicidal thoughts are happening. Still only halfway through the soda. I went to McDonald’s today…and judged people a lot but actually the lady was super nice when taking my order. It mostly felt odd to sit in the car and just have food handed to me in a bag. It’s been so long since it happened and I felt so disconnected from the process like Oy! Oy! you! What sauce did you use? Can I talk to the chef about the soil used for the veggies??

But (video) I made it through eating all of it and am still alive. After two hours I just want to jump out of this body and into Mark’s. He takes incredible care of his.

Started at noon.


I’ve just been sitting here…not wanting to do anything and am very okay with it. My head swelled for a moment, like a gush feeling and then just stopped like…it is just done for the day. A lot of ambition just left and…I feel overly satisfied in this chair. Generally, I hate just sitting and find things to do even if it is just going for a walk or baking or reading.

Okay, so a bit of backgroundy stuff before I stop caring. Urgh..right side headache. You might not know what keto is. Reddit.com/r/keto has some great information and personal success stories and people on it that can really help in getting to know it. Ruled.me is also a great source of knowledge and diet plans to start with. I actually used his 30 day one about a year ago to even start this journey.

That’s all I’ve got…much work…*phase out*

Overall though this hasn’t been as bad as I thought it would be…

I saved two of the fries to see if they taste the same later.

For tomorrow I googled what the worst things you can eat are and found this. So I think I will have one thing off that list each day. There is a Krispy Kreme nearby too. Yayyyyyyy.

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