Fast Food and Suicide

So there’s this theory…

I had three years ago (or less I just really love three)…

The Equal and Opposite Emotion Theory:

I noticed that there seemed to be a rebound emotional spectrum in this world that tended to be the equal and opposite of the original emotion. What’s funny is that a rebound (in relation terms) is a great example. The emotion we had for that person has to rebound somewhere else and sometimes inside someone else. We also tend to go from loving that person (wanting someone in your future) to hating that person (wishing them dead/out of our future).

Another example is principles. You find people very stubborn about what they believe who years later seems to have the exact opposite feeling on the matter. This is very rare but when it does happen the equal and opposite emotion theory is apparent. The one I have noticed in personal life is my mother. She is Christian and had to hold the belief that homosexuality was wrong accordingly. Then her son turned out gay. Instead of remaining stubborn in her ways she researched and found that gay can be viewed as a sin, a thing we all have, but then she went even further. She realized her son had tried to be straight and the more time she spends speaking with homosexuals the more she realized they had the same love and inherent desires that straight people have but just for the same gender. Her emotions rebounded and now she fights for the gays openly.

I could give many more examples but your eyes might get bored of them so imagine back in life and see if you can find your own. Or not and I’ll never know.

The Box of McSuicide Experiment:

Opposites are also acknowledged in everyday knowledge. Love and hate. Anger and…actually I Googled a chart.

So if we can have opposites in emotions then what is the opposite of sexuality? What is the opposite of wanting to reproduce?


From wanting to continue your genes on an instinctual primal basis to wanting to end yourself and the continuation of your genes on a primal level.

Depression is known for causing people to have low sex drives. I would have linked a study but it doesn’t seem to pull any up so maybe research still needs to be done.

It also leads people to withdraw naturally socially. Why? Is something in their body telling them to? Is something preventing them on a primal level from going out and being with other humans and thus decreasing the likelihood of them reproducing?

Higher thinking evolution. Or maybe we’re just able to be aware of it happening and due to social pressure feel like we are supposed to get out there and conquer the depression. Somehow humans have this fucking awesome need to overcome that depression and suicidal tendency. Maybe from remembering a time we weren’t depressed or even being able to trigger out of it for moments on sugar highs or just a friend reminding us what happiness feels like again.

Maybe it’s why we so badly want drugs when depressed.

To feel something different.

Melting it all Together:

So it truly possible that the food we are now eating is so wrong for our bodies that evolution is triggering an impulse in us to kill ourselves?

Honestly, it is sounding less and less delusional the more I wade into these carb filled processed soda swamps and continuously desire to vomit them out. When that instinct is denied they become part of me. They become my source of energy.

Then I get depressed. I go from bliss to wanting to kill myself. At first, it seemed like it was just part of life and had a billion reasons linked to background or whatever life shit was happening in the moment. I had been in the longest bout of not being suicidal before that moment. I was deeply in ketosis which has worked for me the most mentally and then went right into sugar mind.

An equal and opposite emotion occurred.

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SI-Ya Ray

Greetings beautiful people. I bliss out over crafting new flavors, interviewing test makers and restaurant owners and discovering the brain.

2 thoughts on “Fast Food and Suicide

  1. When talking about an unhealthy diet we often cite the negatives that it brings about physically speaking, but food has a much bigger impact on our mental health than people realize.


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