The Fast Food and Suicide Experiment Day 26

Now that that’s all out of the way we can get back to the experiment.

After one more video about my hippy life:

Okay, so I’ve been attempting to eat the same thing every day to collect baseline data of the same meal without manipulation of outside life variables. Mostly I have been sticking to the same foods and liquids but it turns out Shakeology and I don’t mix as well as it does with coconut milk. I’ve excused myself from third wheeling that relationship and instead am going to have tea in the morning. I don’t much care for breakfast anyways. I tend to not be hungry in the mornings and don’t feel we should eat when not hungry. So the morning/breakfast area shall have tea. Also, I found some cherries on sale and since they’re so rare when it comes to the year spectrum, and their bursting flavor cannot be denied, I am subbing the strawberries for them. So here is what I have made/bought for the three weeks of the same phase:

I made the pork roast without realizing it was such a lean cut of meat. (Yes I’m 24 but didn’t know that). It was from Trader Joe’s and every other meat from there had driven me to lala mouth land. I was hoping for some fat satisfaction. I mixed sour cream into the pan juices and that helped, but I still needed more for the self nurterment of my recently meat deprived mouth. I made some bacon. Even that…wasn’t as satisfying as it used to be.

I’ve heard before that meat is an acquired taste but everything after breast milk is an acquired taste.
Is acquired just our mind and tongue accepting and adapting to the nutrients? Processing it and then signaling to the tongue what to enjoy??

After all the time away from meat it suddenly wasn’t as delicious while raw broccoli and cherries was a harmony sweetly tuning my mouth and hammering out…(insert song you wish I typed here). Had my mouth so quickly switched what tastes it liked? Can we adapt so quickly? It was as though my body had learned to love what had been going in it..stimulating taste to highlight the nutrients it had adapted to. From having the same thing every day I’ll report if those tastes become the best ones my mouth has ever known because it feels possible and since I won’t have to do anything extra but analyze flavor then this is acceptable to my chore schedule.

A New Understanding

Also, I understand why people cut now…they’re needing some type of release. If the body is tempting you into killing yourself while your mind is saying to live…some medium point gets reached. That is if this theory is true. If so though…it’s actually amazing that they cut their arms instead of take the final act. There is a want to live. A separation of primal self from the “higher” self or whatever you’ve labeled it as for understanding.

In Random News

Yesterday I’d filled up on peanut butter and tenderloin carrots, all the satiating food thing and still wasn’t feeling bright/felt overly hungry. It was more of a mind crave. I ate an apricot and was happier. Fruit is definitely up there on the mind food. Kale still wins though.

Something still tingled desire though and I kept thinking of chocolate but denying it. The chocolate is high quality and I don’t want to waste it on the experiment but…I needed some nutrient in it because right after eating it the mental nomming went away. Probably iron…or magnesium. I tend to be deprived in both. It didn’t take away the overeating in search of nutrients though, and it took hours of moving around at work before I wasn’t blech minded.

These weeks will actually have the non-processed organic food back on the mouth game again though so I’ll probably make the dessert an apricot cherry bake with chocolate melted over the top.
I tried putting tea in with the strawberry cherry bake. There was one strawberry left. It was like…you know as a child when you get a strawberry shake or…something you potential as exciting in your mind and then it comes out and is like warm goo? It’s faking being what you desired? Yeah, that’s what I had.

Also, cherries should just be had raw.
Also…I can’t find my fork anywhere. There’s only one because I don’t have roommates to lose it…then I lost it.

Okay so upon reading this post again a day later it is very Scrooge-like and just..entitled. I apologize for that but it works on a data level so it must remain this way. My apologies dear readers.

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