Another Fast Food and Suicide Day

Video on some mental disorder possibilities tinkering about within me:

Okay so…I figured out some phrasing.

On how…when we put things in our body that the mind uses to connect it could be a disruption of functioning because it is using the wrong things to function. Where the mind is meant to adapt and create it gets angry and stubborn…using the wrong reactions to function us.

It would be like using peanut butter as car fuel. Sure some oil might drip out some 5 mph moments but once the nutty side tries to push…or…whirl…I should have gone with something besides cars…well that nut will fire the car into disruption and…explosions..maybe. Then it will get addicted because peanut butter is fluffy.

Okay, so better example. If a fairy tried to fly through…what’s the thinnest liquid…or thickest gas. Okay if they tried to fly through smog. They learn to live through it and get windshield wiper glasses and sparkle powder to clean their wings because they don’t know that clean air haven is just a wingspan away.

If a rabbit tried to eat the holy grail. It might be able to get it down and even use it to jump with one leg. The other wouldn’t work though.

Or if a human tried to eat actual iron because they felt deficient. Sure the deficiency might be better but the rest of you won’t be able to use that source and it will probably kill you.

So…if humans eat what is wrong for us we’ll be able to use that energy and function at a certain level. What if there’s something to help us function at an even greater level? The issue is not knowing what will. We’ve got plenty of random science from Dr. Know for what antibiotics to pump in or what vitamin is the super of the week but………..I don’t know.

It’s as though…


………………………if I dot long enough will some answer come?


Right now it seems fruits and veggies do cause the most mental satisfaction, ability to remember, desire to live and. Okay so I was compiling thoughts for the negative thoughts part of Phase Two of the experiment (where I’ll be having the same food and control the thoughts to be negative) and my mind compiled the usual ones. It took them and made them…optimistic and conquerable. This was right after feeling mind swaggered on goo and mucking through mental trenches when I decided to have an apricot.

That bright note swung the band into swing and it just made life…hard to envision as negative. There was a barrier between negative thinking and my mind.

Connections not firing into that abyss…a high of connections even. The idea of existing without an answer became a challenge of finding one. The thoughts of dreadful things of the past turned to look how far I’ve already come. The idea of harming my parents from the raw things their daughter puts on the Internet became a hope and conquerment that they can handle it. There’s just this…generalization of positive.

Then I had a Reese’s and things tingled dark.

If only you could feel it. Maybe one day there will be a machine I can create a program for that can make someone feel the difference. It can put you in a new connection…put you in a different mind somehow…or stimulate your connections to go dark and then light….negative future to a positive one…

Oh, I found the fork. It was in the car. Haha, don’t’ have to buy a new one.

Also, the whole bacon doesn’t taste as good so my mind mouth adapted so quickly idea was wrong. I had the same bacon (from work) that tasted scrumptious inducing after two days without meat and it was amazing again. Turns out even bacon from Trader Joe’s gone frozen and defrosted just isn’t as good. I’ve had it not frozen and that’s what I was hoping/thought it would taste like again.  Yet again a memory of taste super exceeds current.

Phase Two 

Today though the same food I had yesterday tasted even better. There was a knowledge of nutrients that mind tingled it into my body…then my tummy gurgled some so adapting is still happening but still. It tasted amazing.

I am trying to make it super nutrient dense because usually, I’ve had the mentality that a mixture of things in the diet is best because you’ll find the nutrients somewhere. So this is a new idea. After reading in The Big Fat Surprise about a tribe that exists on just eating meat (all the meat of the animal, not just the lean parts, which many cultures give to dogs because they know fat just tastes better) and they were some of the healthiest people they’d ever come across. They didn’t even have the problems of aging we have. Then these two men in New York took that diet and also ate only meat, the fatty parts. They lived healthy lives and only got sick when they tried to just eat the lean parts.

I need to go and study these tribes to see if they have any mental disorders…or research to see if mental disorders/suicide levels rise in places that are introduced to fast food. If only reportings on that were more…believable.

So chaos minds unite and sense it makes sense in a book and I tried keto and that worked it seems like something worth trying. If fast food didn’t kill me this won’t  😉

If the brain is nutrient deprived in something…what does it use to make up for that nutrient…is that where it would use the ‘wrong’ thing and then have us function differently?


I look so confused XDDD. And like a monkey.


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