The Fast Food and Suicide Experiment Day 28

Due to being in a flurry of keep Ainsley awake for three hours into the 4 A.M. connections  I do not have time to be at a real computer for a blog post. Please accept this phone post as compensation.

Also when I say awake connections (to…(that word to quote someone but phrase shorter…!!!Paraphrase) myself) I think sleeping involves calming down the firing of connections across the mind. I can almost feel them at night now as my mind gets excited and fires all over itself. Then I’ll think of socks. Long stories about them folding together and the brown sitting next to the white. It calms down to one area gently firing me into sleep.

Last night the socks didn’t work.

Admittedly I added some green socks to the story so that probably woke me.

In Experiment News (pretend this is the usual purple and a bit larger)

Eating the same thing for three days seems to have heightened my senses. I’m also triggering flight or fight response too easily because I’ll hear leaves rustle behind me and feel my body prepare to fight automatically. In general, noises are louder and harder to tune out. Honestly, it isn’t desirable because I live in Tech Terrace which basically means college students with large trucks or motorcycles cracking the sound waves constantly. Right now it’s just a weed eater though. We finally got rain here so people are gorging out on lawn care.

Leaves are enthralling and vivid though. So I have that going for me. Which is nice. Also, I feel like I understand the owl sounds happening around me.

I may have growled at a car for cutting me off yesterday. It just came out. May have been an inhibition down factor though due to a vesper martini.

Feeling a bit too animal.

Enjoy the rest of your daily moments.

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SI-Ya Ray

Greetings beautiful people. I bliss out over crafting new flavors, interviewing test makers and restaurant owners and discovering the brain.

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