The Fast Food and Suicide Experiment Day 36

How was your mindcation yesterday? Mine had a gin flask to upgrade up to mindbliss with mindfoam chocorum and little swirls of inhibidown liquids. One might even say we blissed off to DiagonMindAlley from scrumptious mind moments. One being this one.

In real-world talk though I took the day away from you to have alcohol with people while saying Murica all day. I brought a gin flask to avoid sugar drinks and even Instagramed a photo because I’m getting addicted to that now:

Couldn’t Decide on Filter

I did get a bit of work done and created a video halfway through the day.
Tldw; Just watch it
Okay fine it’s about super obvious examples of when the body controls the mind such as thirst, hunger, sex and primal things.
Tldw; If our bodies have to use nutrients to form memories what does it use when it doesn’t have those nutrients?
If you just want to be amused go to 5:42 of the video.

Upon Googling up some nutrient deficiencies linked to depression it seems vitamin D, magnesium and iron are up there on the America Fucked Its Mind list. It seems a lot of the things our mind needs for that whole functioning thing can be found in dark leafy greens which falls nicely into the whole primal ideas. I read that after going to the Lubbock farmer’s market so I just got some lettuce..and beef tongue/heart, some onions and two squashes.

The weirdest mouth moment was that it tasted bitter. My tongue hadn’t adapted the taste desires for lettuce…it tasted so real and right and gave all the right mind tingles. But how the fudge does my tongue not know lettuce? Gorgeous stuff, though only used a bit of Juno filter to ump up those edges. 

Since being on keto…the depression or anxiety that tingles feels like old connections I’m triggering into. Past moments that leak into these and are hard to escape. It feels…possible though. We can break and reestablish connections in beast mind mode. To access beast mind mode you accept you are a beast. A human beast.

Then you…well it takes acknowledging that fear or pain and how it is keeping you from living. Then you just get out and do it. Ask …fudge what’s his name..made that now viral video…super famous…Shia Lebouf. He’s right though, except for the annoying repetition factor. If you convince your mind you can’t do something and then don’t do it you just further concrete that connection/those connections. 

Instead, you have to realize your mind is saying no and then break that actual connection. Feel it and nom it like the mind warrior you are. Pretend it’s an espresso bean. I went to three different social events yesterday and my mind initially wanted to cavewoman mode. Now my mind is forming new connections of safeful bliss. We went, even to a party with new people and enjoyed the bliss out of it. 

From my neuroperspective, we fire off into the negative feels we connected to while being on fast food or whatever and forming social seclusion firings. Now when thinking of going to parties we fire into those same ones and yet again feel the need to be reclusive. If you put your mind into the right energy you still are able to fire into those connections and automatically do so. In order to be free, you have to break those connections and then form new ones. Like a muscle I suppose.

Hopefully, that can be proven on a machine someday. That’s still the most exciting potential is that once I can do studies on all of this it won’t be a billion self-bias filled control group studies that people can deny or discount. It will be quantitative data. Basically, it would be like humans turning to robots and keeping all those connections to study but without them speaking. The mind gets to speak. 

In other words, on keto, I don’t have cravings. The body actually gets to rest in a full state again and it is utterly relaxing. There is no taste for ravenous mode to be triggered by but for one. And that taste is cherry clafoutis, the one thing that I’m eating that has coconut sugar in it. Oh wait the keto Pop-Tarts too…but those just don’t taste as good. We think of them now and there are some mind tingles for them but just like five in the top right of my forehead.

Here’s the last of the Instagram moments. If you feel like following the username is the title of this blog.

That egg has two flavors. One savory one dessert. Cuz single is awesome.

Oh, one more mind moment to share from the story of another: There was this pregnant woman who would look out her car and see dirt then want to eat it. Turns out she was deficient in something the dirt had in it.

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