Why Food Tastes Better when Drunk

I figured out why foods taste better on alcohol! 

Maybe…alright it’s a theory, but everything true once was a theory until someone tells us everything is a lie. Matrix just fucked my mindworld and we never moved on. I’m sure it has a flower for me though. We’ll be together someday and our minds will fuck into a whole new imagineland with fairies and honeysuckle cream bursting into leaves we dance with.

I think our mind drops its bitter barriers. In other words, it accepts all nutrients as food and thus everything tastes good. That’s how Cheetos would taste so good as well as steak or llama milk or apples with the core removed baked in chocolate and wine poured in for mouthgasms. You could even try snails. I think I have discovered how to make everyone a foodie. Welcome to Mind Dropping Foodgasms. If you name your restaurant that I get to eat there for free and randomly steal what I think looks good from random patron’s plates. I’m adorable so they won’t mind too much.

Another food theory is that whenever we put salt or other familiar spices onto new foods it helps our mind accept them as nutrients. Such as a kid who puts syrup or mustard on everything. Their mind is learning new foods with the help of old nutrients.

Yeah, you can just mind blow all over me now.

Oh, wait I’ll give you more reason to. Check out the coffee maple cream pies I made:

Pssst. She totally couldn’t find a large enough bowl to set over simmering water and used a wok. Those eggs almost scrambled. At certain points almost was did.

In Study News:

I made a Pro/Con list of the primal diet/my mind diet.

Overall though just being off of processed and fast food was squirlging in the good sounds way. Life was easier to embrace and social anxiety was lowered. I still would want to escape though on phase two/a high carb diet, and people were like shocks in the head. It was triggering a seclusion response. Yet that would be after having a cheese stick or something else from work and I don’t know how processed our food is. It probably isn’t the best because any place that serves the masses has food produced for the masses. Generally speaking that’s going to be food that a company cared more about making a lot of than the quality of.

I’ve been mulling over the advantages and disadvantages to this study and mindformed the following:

What makes this study more real…true than the studies found in highly reputable journals is actually what I thought ruined it. The self.

Self bias is…where you need something to be true so you skew the data to reflect it.

I have no grant riding on this, no money (notice refusal for ads despite high page views) nothing but actual truth of what works in the human mind and what makes it want to kill itself.

I have dealt with the pain of living without understanding it and don’t want to anymore. Yes there’s a theory I developed from grass fed primal living but meat doesn’t hold me at night and spinach doesn’t pay me.

Primal is actually working because it isn’t a company. It’s an anti one. People follow it because it works.

I followed it and felt confidence, possibility and happiness. Then I fucked out on sugar and felt suicidal again. I want to know why. The truth of it matters more than it being Pop-Tarts. But Pop-Tarts go straight to social anxiety, seclusion and suicide every time with this mind wrapped in them and to open it you need bubbles because it feels stuck.

Now I ate grass fed meat, some raw nutrients and feel tingles all over. Yesterday it was social anxiety from tons of people that calmed when they left and today I have so much energy it isn’t contained yet also feels raw and insane.

Bitterness..or…well basically Pop-Tarts caused suicide and diet changes cause hyper awareness and hyperactivity but controllable.

Tldr; Don’t just eat to be full. Eat to be alive.

Also yesterday I was filling a bit sick. Keto flu (body switching from using carbs as its energy source to fats can make you sick if you don’t keep up with electrolytes). I went for a walk and the sky found out:

In Random News:

There’s this girl from work who joys out all over the place. Always smiling and saying postive things. If we get stiffed on ten tabs she says to just wait for the next round. There’s no use to being angry. I triggered into knowledge mode and wanted to ask her diet. I realized I might be taking it to far and sealed my lips with humble gel.

Today we actually talked about our diets and she’s actually into health and cooks for herself all the time.


It actually is annoying to be right.

Mostly because everyone seems to hate you for it.

I’ve been wrong enough times to tell people about it though and that makes them happier.

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