Abbey said the whole idea that using an old nutrient source to connect to a new one is obvious and that everyone knows that. =/

Yet if it is true that means that one day you could expand taste buds by exciting certain connections that foodies have. We just have to learn what they are.

Her and her husband have moved in now so I will have WiFi and other ways to consume this mind. In a way it is worrisome. How I’ve been able to give so much data and have realizations is to not be consumed and have so much time just sitting with myself.

I think it’s how all of this even goes on. How people can survive on fast food. We get so lost in consumption and distraction we don’t even see ourselves.

Another potential realization has occurred.

One I want to whisper but your mind controls this volume.

Will you whisper in it for me?

I think…mental disorders have everything to do with connections either not reaching out or reaching out too far.

This is a personal experience realization that expands only into humanity based on what I’ve read. Based on having the same symptoms of ADHD people and of my identical twin being diagnosed with it. Yet that is all qualitative data. Data that can be wrong. Are two humans truly similar in the mind from having the same disorder?

Yet…ADHD is when it seems you cannot feel the past or the future. Where common sense is hard. Yet common sense tends to be the sense that is common and has to do with admittance of the past. You hear stories of rape and stop going outside. You listen to your mother, and father and remember what they say. You remember the moon is not the sun because a teacher said so. Memories rather than understanding.

I once was convinced the moon was the back of the sun. Most people remember they are separate but they would not be able to just look to the sky and know this. Memories. Things I could not hold or access.

Future perception. Taking the past and ascertaining how it will affect the future. Planning. Absorption and consumption of the present. Unable to connect past it. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Our attention gets locked in one place and it is hard to reach out of it. Hard to connect elsewhere but in spontaneous hyperactive bursts. We hyperfocus. I’ve done this on TV mostly and get angry when someone takes me out of it. Actual anger. Then brood over it for about an hour. The longer I’m in it the worse the anger is at being out of it. Locked yet again in connections.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

They can’t stop washing their hands. Can’t stop organizing and can’t stop cleaning. They are locked in needing to have things clean. Locked in the fear of the compulsion (hand washing’s compulsion would be fear of germs).

Schyzophrenia could be connecting into strange places. Ones most of us don’t access. Eventually they get trapped in them and stop connecting to this world.

If this is true…and someday we can influence connections and hormones…or if we can figure out exactly where people with disorders fire and where they don’t.

This could matter.

Study News

In the study I believe phase one is complete. I have proven I can access suicide connections when on fast food and don’t naturally reach them when on clean food/cavewoman diet.

Now to figure out what in life still conquerable and what isn’t just from food changes.

Also I desire to write a book about phase one and it will be time consuming so I apologize if the posts here suffer, but once I have finished it the book will be free for two days so everyone who has followed this journey will get a much deeper look into what happened.

Due to lack of visual stimulation here is a picture of the final hour before the twin moved in:

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