Phase Two: The Fast Food and Suicide Experiment

It’s a New Dawn it’s a New Phase

Before study news it is time for a movie review of Despicable Me. It actually ties into this study like a complex knot only boy scouts would know. Okay more like when you try to tie grass together. I did that as a kid when it was meant to be “baseball catching” time. They put me in far right field a lot.

Grass is stronger than flower stems though.

So Despicable Me was actually able to creating roaring moments of anger burst forth with the passion of a redhead blissfucking them out of her head. 

In one sentence it took what was new and cliched it out so much they turned it old in the span of one movie then ended it with a mockery of when it was new/when Gru returned. 

In two sentences: It literally relied upon what made it great to ruin it. 

In three: It used animation, which gives artists limitless powers of the imagination and possibility, to repeat moments of both animation and reality that already exist.

A chandelier falls on the villain’s head….my mind drooped out, attempting to leave me as it recalled that moment happening in six other movies from the top of my head. If you go to my feet there’s probably ten but who’s counting?

1) Chandelier

2) Villain blew up size wise like Godzilla, Attack of the 50 Foot Woman, Charlie and the Chocolates Factory etc…

3) All villain gadgets were old ideas: Time machine, hologram machine…others I don’t remember

4) All the villain wanted was power and she kind of got it then lost it

5) Every single sentence said by the main villain I had heard before

The point to all of this is that rage is still feelable. In a biased format of food exploitation, I thought anger and negative feelings would be fully conquerable if my human mind and body used the correct foods. That maybe anger and negative reactions to life were miswires in the brain.

Turns out that was too far. Emotions are actually more vivid now. While happiness is vivid so is anger, disgust, sadness and fear. Or I’m just self-manifesting into Inside Out. I promise I watch more than just kid movies. If you want something new and hilarious for your mind go watch What We Do in the Shadows.

Sure I could discount the anger to being the lack of sleep, caffeine, and alcohol swirling about in me or the fact that Abbey has moved in, and my subconscious does discount them to those, but it’s possible even natural feelings can be unriddable and what truly changes it the control over those feelings.

Yet some of the feelings were created from the nutrients /manifestations of the food/negative nutrients in phase one of the experiment.

To expand: Drugs are mind-altering substances. They make normal connections to life/natural ones harder to control. Caffeine, alcohol and maybe nutrient deficiencies cause our brains to do strange things and make it difficult to function as we desire. Think about the last time you were drunk and texted that human you were trying not to or ate something you weren’t ‘supposed to’. I think processed food and sugar just need to be classified as drugs because they make us lose control in many ways.

Yet now phase one is complete. I proved to myself that processed food could cause equal and opposite reactions of social anxiety, depression and suicide with reproduction being the bounding emotion.

So it is time for Phase Two:





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