Phase Two?

So what is phase two even going to be?

I was still musing over that this morning. These thoughts are freshly made just for you.

Phase one was about going from maladaptive energy sources or processed mind suicide tingles to happy mind tingles of keto and to see if I could get depressed/suicidal on both or if processed foods being a mind energy source makes our body trigger a higher thinking evolution. Basically it tells you to kill yourself for the sake of our species.

No offense meant. It happened to me too.

I was only suicidal on fast food/processed connections. Since returning to keto that mind data has been consistently swayed to life desires and progression unless I provoke connections otherwise. Specifically with Reece’s or Pop-Tarts but those are all gone now.

I can still connect into those past moments though which I’ll explain more tomorrow.

Keto isn’t the norm though and still new to the social awareness. It is also called the primal diet because it is what we believe our ancestors ate. If all other animals on this planet know what to eat then we did too at some point. I’m going back to it because I feel naturally drawn to it and despised being away from it naturally.

This isn’t bias considering I only tried it about two years ago and fell in love. I just never fully fell out until a box of chocolates came. It’s okay though I’ve let the chocolates enter long enough. Back to keto for years of love. Until phase three.

But in reality it’s the only thing I’ve known to help cure, almost fully, my ADHD, OCD, depression and suicidal thoughts. Carbs might work but they don’t make sense to the human diet. We didn’t have tons of access to fruit or root vegetables as a human species growing into this world.

Conspiracily True Jostlings

On that note fear tingles at what companies did to humanity reached into my conspiracy connections yesterday. How companies take what is nutritious and addict you to it with a drug. That drug being sugar. They muddle cravings and addiction in our minds to where the separation no longer exists until you cut sugar from your diet and are able to feel that difference.

I mean how else could you actually desire McDonald’s? *mental vomits*

At first I did crave the memory but your body shouldn’t tingle connections of desire for that place but to be full or have addiction to it.

Yes pretentious has entered the building and it’s feeling justified so good luck ridding it today.

I had maple water about two days ago and realized I’d never had maple without sugar before. I thought it would spiral into desires for sticky goos of maple coating pancakes but it just satisfied me instead. My body just wanted the maple. There was a difference between addiction connections and craving connections.

As you know McDonald’s puts sugar in almost all of their food. Even salad. It explains how people could ‘crave’ to eat there. They actually become addicted to the place. The difference lying in being able to control if you eat there or are able to redirect your desires. Cravings should be what your body needs for functioning and it should be controllable as well as redirectable into other foods that also have those nutrients.

When I was opening mouth and body to the fries and Big Macs it started off tasting as acid and my body rejected it. Overtime though it became less disgusting tasting and my body and mind took over being disgusting instead.  Then I couldn’t stop the driving into Taco Bell on Day Twenty of this experiment:

“The mental issue in being starved is it becomes less desireful to see people or to function at all. Memory is difficult and even concentrating at all, for all thoughts and bodily conscious moments are on crunch and chewy and fuck it really didn’t matter. I would’ve eaten butterfly wings if they had salt and a crunch. Which is bullox because they’re meant to float in pleasure air, not eaten.

Yesterday I said fuck it a lot and although I had tons of food awaiting its turn to be cooked at home. I was driving past Taco Bell and realized I had cash and it was ten feet away. I knew it would cause mental unhappiness and there was no point but cravings decided to drive and push me to kiddie wheel in the back where I cooed and handed over the cash. 

I had been able to use happy thoughts to not feel depression all day until those two tacos. They did come with a super convenient sleeve though that has a stop at the back so I had that going for me. Which was nice.

It became much harder to think, to care and to see friends. I desperately mused over how to get out of D&D and just be in my cave at home. I tried to trigger connections of moments earlier where D&D was fun sounding and I had worked to want it despite doing tons of cave crawling (I’m not super into the combat side of things). Thankfully someone else cancelled and the game with it.

I did certainly desire social seclusion though and yet did not enjoy being alone. Nothing really sounded or felt like pleasure.”

Random Possible Realization

From asking people their diets all the time I realized something odd. People that tend to be on not caring diets tend to get angry when I explain why I don’t eat sugar. Because it controls me and bacon is better. It feels like something triggers in them. As though they actually feel anger. You know how people get angry when you question the thing that controls them? Like if your friend is in an abusive relationship and you try to tell them and they snap at you?

We seem to have reactions of defense at whatever it is that controls us.

When off processed food and sugar I don’t feel addicted to anything. I can separate mind cravings for kale vs bodily cravings for eggs and once I have the craved nutrient I feel full. Yesterday I was scourgy minded and my memory was off. I couldn’t recall anything lying in past reservoirs and yet was in ketosis so it had to be something else. I realized it had been very hot all day and I hadn’t been refilling on electrolytes so I poured two salt packets into my water and after ten minutes could remember again.

When on Pop-Tarts and fast food I couldn’t stop thinking about getting them until I had them. I would distract and redirect and tell myself there were no nutrients but I couldn’t help but need them Obsess over them Addict to them. Then I ate one and just wanted more.

That’s not how food should go. You should get the nutrients you need and then feel full.

So phase two is collecting baseline data of keto mind and figuring out what all is conquerable on it while phase three will be doing paleo (difference lying in carb intake). Phase two is also going to have more research and data in it about what keto even is and how studies are actually showing it works for the human species. 

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