One Day I’ll Return With Squidgets and Knowledge of How to Fix it All. Starting with Kayle and Dandelion Salad.

As someone who didn’t connect to this world, I was able to look at it.

Actually, I haven’t fully connected yet so I’m still looking.

Do you realize it’s all just numbers?

People complain about the cost of eating organic and grass fed and cage free but those are literally just numbers used in an imaginary system.

By the way that imaginary system got pretty corruptifucked. I’m talking fake levels of power manifestation here. The pixie chicks blew up and now we’re spewed in them.

I bet it’s because companies eat the food they sell. ;p

Just…really look at it.

Every company is just humans. Sometimes it’s a lot of them so it feels like something more. Everything that isn’t nature is just another form of human. It isn’t able to control you. We think it is because we’ve imagined up all this power that they have.

That power isn’t real. What we imagine just feels real.

To take back your power you have to know what power is.

You have to actually know what is possible.

You have to get your control back.

It’s as though companies are just another form of cults. Cults of minds formed around numbers. Formed around an idea of power because it can make and buy things.

Just things. What do these things even lead to? What can you gain in the end besides death?

You get all of these fancy items that you barely even know how they work. You spend years creating and imagining numbers. Then you and the companies imagine hard enough together. The world is physical and you scrape, take out the numbers and hand them to one another.

You feel accomplished.

Yet empty.

You aren’t connecting to it. You aren’t feeling it. You feel it when your significant other feels taken care of. When they feel loved you feel something and you think it is from the things you have. Or is it from them?

What does it take to connect?

It is primal of us to care for each other. We are animals after all. Humans. We do have higher thinking, which I believe is just the ability to connect past present and future, but animals might have that too yet just don’t communicate the same way. Yes there are differences but can you just accept you are an animal?

You are primed to reproduce. Some people think that is all that matters in life. To carry it on. That is your body talking.


There’s so much wrong….

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SI-Ya Ray

Greetings beautiful people. I bliss out over crafting new flavors, interviewing test makers and restaurant owners and discovering the brain.

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