A Paleo Note On Cheese

Apparently dairy isn’t necessarily paleo. Our ancestors probably didn’t consume it because no other animals actually consume the milk of other animals.

We’re special.

Here is Mark’s article on it.

Apparently sixty percent of humans can’t even properly accept it in their bodies.

Why the fudge does it taste so good then?

Sigh…this is actually an issue because my blog has dairy in just about every recipe so far.

If it is grassfed and has the right nutrients it is far more accepted because the cows that are slapped and mistreated don’t contain the right nutrients at all to fuel us.

Fudging…I just…am not fully sure what to do here.

Keto works for the brain for different reasons than paleo, but they go so well together. If I get rid of the cheese.

Sigh….I love cheese.

Primal eating apparently allows for cheese some of the time…I might just do it as a do this recipe and if you’re just doing keto/primal add cheese here. If you’re doing paleo then avoid the cheese and add…what??? What could replace cheese?


Random Neuroscience Self Test

A way to track where you are mentally/mindset

Think back and see what memory is vivid

think of food, dress, people and see what connects the most.

Progressed Days Thoughts on the Matter

I made a mind dudding discovery today that actually has me a bit glum.

Cheese is a grey zone of paleo. Apparently our primal cavemen and women ancestry most likely did not go around tugging at other animal’s baby feeding areas. On the other side of the argument humans are known for adapting to new foods and other animals have also successfully adapted new nutrients into their diet.

Then again, a lot of humans are lactose or casein intolerant and don’t even know it. Dairy can be a disruption to your body. On the keto diet we already don’t use milk because it is too high in carbs. I never mouthgasmed for milk so this was no distress to my mind or body. We can have heavy cream, cheese and butter though. All of these are deliciously high in fat and used often to increase fat intake. The paleo diet is where it gets fludgery when it comes to all dairy. Either way you should look for grassfed versions of all dairy because the hormones they put in cows to make them grow faster does get into the food you eat and mess with your body which messes with your mind.

What to Do

What you can do is try the elimination diet. You start keto/paleo/primal without cheese for thirty days and then eat cheese and see what it does to you.

It is time to learn your body and mind. It is still so odd humans don’t know what to eat yet. Every time someone says they eat “healthy” I have to ask what they mean by it and get different answers every time. People wind up sticking to keto and/or paleo because it works for them and your body learns what is better then never wants to go back.

At first eliminating foods seems impossible but it is incredibly easy to focus on what you get to eat instead. Also, you get an amazing body and mind in the process. You connect to life in ways never known before and ways that are impossible on processed foods. The foods/energy you use to connect to life can be glitchy and poisonous or produced for the human body.

All of the things we feel are impossible to give up might be things we are addicted to. I found it incredibly hard to give up energy drinks at first, as well as sugar dipped in icing, but over time your body learns and you no longer crave those foods.

Anyways I’m writing a whole book about that so let us get into the recipe for now 😉

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3 thoughts on “A Paleo Note On Cheese

  1. I am not giving up my cheese! One of the things I enjoy about eating keto is cheese is an easy way to add protein, not to mention how delicious it is. I can’t imagine a world with out cheese. Plus I already gave up sugar and that was major. 😉


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