Grilled Lamb Kidney

Did you know that organ meat has every nutrient the human body needs? It also has the nutrients we are most deficient in. Nothing feels better than getting organs inside you and feeling your body explode in pleasure by its needs being fulfilled.

I haven’t had access to organ meat for a while due to not wanting to scare my mom, but now that they’ve left the house for the weekend I fired up the grill and brought out the kidneys I just got from the market. If you’re going organ you really do want it directly from the farmer. It’s a very sensitive part of the animal body.

The first time I tried organ meat it was because of Sonia over at the healthy foodie. She introduced me to pickled beef tongue:


See how delicious it looks? Not scary at all. After tongue I went to the market and tried other organ meats from  heart to liver. I slow cooked the heart and even made a casserole with another tongue.


Now I’ve branched out to trying kidneys too, and the farmer at the Waco Downtown Farmer’s market just so happened to have them last week. That’s the reason I even decided on them. They were the only organs beside chicken hearts.

I Googled how to cook lamb kidneys and a fellow blogger said the lamb stench was strong and so she bathed them in tons of flavors and wok fried them. I still wanted to grill them so I fired it up, but left the flames low. Organ meat cooks much faster so you don’t want to overdo the flames. There is no rewind in cooking.

Or anything, life is annoying that way. Maybe that’s why we love to rewind movies. Can you believe we’ve actually passed a generational point of back in my day when it comes to movies? We used to have to stick them in a box and rewind them for like ten minutes.If you wanted to go back because you missed what Harry said to Sally you’d have to stick it in there for about a minute and watch the whole restaurant scene again. She would make those faces at this grilled kidney, it’s that good. Such unexpected pleasure it brings.

So for these kidneys I put them on the grill at 200, keeping it low, and they still sizzled quickly. I left one on the bottom grate and moved two to the top for testing. It was probably five minutes on each side for the bottom and ten minutes on each side for the top. What you want to go for is the kidney being plump but firm at the touch.

From there I decided to grill an avocado and some cauliflower, then mash the avocado as a bottom layer treat with lemon juice, salt and some of the oregano. The cauliflower sat on the side drizzled in olive’s oil with dashes of salt. We made grilled cauliflower a couple of weeks ago by slicing it, but this time I just pulled off a branch from my whole one and plopped it on. Grilling experiments are fun and almost all veggies take to the flames like passion to the taste buds.

The kidney on the bottom taste about the same as the top one, so I’d honestly just go for the bottom heat and let it cook faster. It really does taste like plump delicious steak in miniature kidney form.

Final Grilled Lamb Kidney

Grilled Lamb Kidneys

3 Lamb Kidneys (or how many you want)


Celery Powder




  1. Fire up the grill to about 200 Degrees.
  2. Lay out your kidneys, no spices yet, onto the bottom grate along with the avocado.
  3. Cook for about five minutes on one side, until the kidney is firm but still juicy to the touch.
  4. Take off the grill and sprinkle on salt and celery powder and rub it in. Then sprinkle on oregano and take a bite, see if you need more spice and adjust according to personal taste buds.
  5. Let avocado cool and then push it out of the shell, mash it or simply cut into slices and squeeze on lemon juice and add salt.
  6. Layer.

Visual Tutorial

Let’s get into the meat of things.

First of all, get over the fact that they are kidneys. You eat meat all of the time from animals. If you’re going to eat an animal, using it’s life energy, then don’t waste any of it.

Kidneys One.jpg

Let your kidneys come to room temp by putting them on the counter, on a plate, for thirty minutes. Go ahead and heat up your grill while these get to room temperature but leave it at the lower setting.

P.S. the room temperature is so the meat heats evenly.


I put them on the grate at around 200 and they still seared way too quick. You can tell because they’ll shrivel rather than rest. I flipped it quick, lowered the flames and then put the other one on. No shrivel on that lover, we’ll pass on that wrinkle cream.

I then decided avocado would be grillfection as well, sliced it in half, took out that seed and plopped it face down on the grill.


I flipped them about every three minutes but you could definitely leave them on for five minutes each side at the bottom grate. I put those two on top for a slower cook to test taste and left the other at the bottom heat. The avocado was flipped at some point.

Grilled Kidneys

See? It just looks like a small steak.

I waited to spice until after it’s grilled just because that’s what this body likes. I tossed on chicken one evening with nothing, sick of needing paleo spices, and it was freaking delicious. It’s amazing to add oils and fresh herbs and even dried, but I like to know what it tastes like solo first, especially with burgers.

So now add dashes of salt and celery powder and rub it in, then add oregano.

Rubbed Spice.jpg

The taste still had a strong lamb flavor, so I added a bit more and proceeded with a skeptical face.

Skeptic Time.jpg

It passed <(^_^)>


Then I decided to squash the avocado with a fork into a bowl and lay the kidney on top. You could also slice it up and it would be just as delicious.

It looked much better without the hot dog stripped pieces so I removed those from the plate, but left all the delicious in place.  Come on. You want that inside you, sending eruptions of pleasure through your taste buds.

Final Grilled Lamb Kidney

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