Day 1 of Whole 30

For our wedding, I nommed on our cake, raspberry with cheesecake in the center and pound cake on top, and I took the chocolate twirls from a semi chocolate dessert with nuts and put it on a chocolatier dessert that had fudge and an espresso bean on it. Cranberry walnut bread graced the road trip to the nuptials with butter we used our hands to glob fistfuls on. By the end a bloat was tickling my gut to laugh into bubbles that pushed against my tummy skin and still is a bit. I also have noticed my memory is not as present as I think it can be with a gut healing. I’m working on wording that involves the fluidity and beauty of healing rather than a no mentaility or punishment. 

This is day 2 now but yesterday I had carrot curry. I blended carrots with broth and added curry powder with freshly opened and ground cardamon seeds with a broccoli rice fried in walnut oil. There was also Italian sausage, cooked celery and two scrambled eggs, all accented with salt.

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SI-Ya Ray

Greetings beautiful people. I bliss out over crafting new flavors, interviewing test makers and restaurant owners and discovering the brain.

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