Ghee Chocolate

Ghee Chocolate Final

Do you want life to become too easy when it comes to chocolate?

Mine is.

Let me convert you to my ways.

My blisffully deep, chocolate coated and soaked ways.

Your brain and mouth shall be ours and so much chocolate will take you into it that you’ll be licking through the cocoa’s melted bliss for hours. Then you’ll realize you never want to escape, and sink in, and be ours forever.

Chocolate drives me insane.

Okay so ghee chocolate. I was going to make a too easy coconut oil chocolate recipe. I just mix a 1:1 ratio of coconut oil and cocoa powder together and it is all my body wants for hours. I feel so synchoronized with it. My body understands it, and has even mapped it in my brain with a permanent spot. Oh yes. Your body maps the nutrients you give it like connections to life. It’s like when you search for someone in a room and find them. Your brain just has these maps of resources. Where’s Waldo but for food.

My most potent brain map connections are to meat, oils, fats and cocoa powder. To combine oil, or any fat, with cocoa, is just a mind symphony reaching through my brain. It connects. My taste explodes with the flavor it knows, and I’m in bliss.

Ghee chocolate was a spontaneous desire and it was so delicious and looked so beautiful I just had to share it with you. It has a more buttery taste than the coconut oil, but I really enjoy it. The taste is a bit more like browned crispy butter fondling chocolate. I love it. In fact, I’m about to go make some more. I might not even chill it.


I didn’t. It’s incredible both ways. Try it both soft and hard.

Ghee Chocolate

Ghee Chocolate


1:1 Ratio of Ghee and Cocoa

You can even turn life to epic mode and make ghee yourself.

I use this cocoa. To make your own go to cherry forest.

This will taste bitter at first, but your mouth and taste buds will adjust through time. Have a bit of it and let it be bitter, then add in a bit of sweetener and decrease each day so you can get closer and closer to cocoa.

Cocoa Butter Me


Mix together and refrigerate to desired consistency. I like mine about thirty minutes in between soft and hard.

You can also use this as a glaze or pour it over ice cream. I just love it straight. It’s as good as a shot of Lagavulin, and I don’t type that lightly.

Lime Zested

Optional Add Ins

Lime Juice

Lime Zest

Fleur De Sel

Sea Salt



Tiny Swirl of Honey

Visual Tutorial:

Mix one part cocoa powder to one part ghee.

Cocoa Butter Me.jpg

Consistently Drip Worthy

For a thicker consistency add more cocoa:

Add more Cocoa.jpg

For a more smooth consistency add more ghee:

Add more Ghee.jpg

Let it set in the fridge:

Intensely run yourself over me.

You can even sprinkle on salt once it’s set:

Sea Salted Chocolate Final

You can also squeeze in some lime juice:

Lime Chocolate.jpg

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SI-Ya Ray

Greetings beautiful people. I bliss out over crafting new flavors, interviewing test makers and restaurant owners and discovering the brain.

15 thoughts on “Ghee Chocolate

      1. I’ve read countless keto how-tos and am no beginner when it comes to Keto. I realize that for some people depending on how much fats they consume, they can’t lose weight and this is especially true if you are an overeater or binge eater by habit.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yeah I think the body eventually learns to regulate itself, but most of our bodies are so out of wack and balance that it can take time. A calorie deficit for a while must be necessary for some.


      3. You think so? I agree with you that the body will eventually learn to heal itself, but often when we are so rrrammed to overeating it’s hard to stop eating once you start, simply because you are food addicted if that makes sense?


    1. It does, and I’ve actually been struggling there lately. The thing is that sugar is a drug, and when we get off it we lose that adaptation to it. In that adaptation was control. Humans overdose on drugs by getting off of them and then taking the same amount later on. Not sure of the exact time frame of loss. It hasn’t been studies enough. The body can literally die from the same amount, simply by losing those previously built adaptations. It’s actually how Phillip Serymour Hoffman died.

      Overdose also happens if you have the same amount of drug in a different environment. Say you have 20g at home and then 20g elsewhere. The brain is adapting to new environmental cues and when it doesn’t find secure ones (like it would at home) it overactivates the brain and overstimulates it, or overdepresses it, as it feeds on the drug’s reactions inside you and catalyzes the activity. Disclaimer: that last sentence I just self hypothesized so it might not be true. I’ll do a study later *plans to be neuroscientist*

      When we get off sugar for a long time, and then have it again, we ‘lose’ control because we have lost those adaptations. So the ‘hoard’/overeating aspect to sugar comes back. Then we over eat. The problem is America doesn’t accept it as a drug and there are cues for it everywhere (Donut shops, sugar in everything, etc.) and so we ‘fail’ and eat it more and more. Really the brain is addicted and is having cues everywhere, just like cigarettes and alcohol. Cues remind our brain of the drug and then it begs for it because it is just so vivid to the mind.

      Green tea really helps. Don’t even add fake sweetener. Fake sweetener harms the gut and triggers the brain into wanting sugar again due to familiarity.

      Green tea sparks the mind and helps it move on through neurogenesis. Authority Nutrition has a research article on it:

      “What caffeine does in the brain is to block an inhibitory neurotransmitter called Adenosine. This way, it actually increases the firing of neurons and the concentration of neurotransmitters like dopamine and norepinephrine”.


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