Day 20 of the Whole 30-The Boredom Dragon

There are many types of dragon I’ve faced since starting the Whole 30. The sugar dragon was the first one to arise and it did not try to daintily hide in the shadows but instead blew fire that turned into cotton candy smoke I desperately wanted to eat for ten days. The sugar was right there, but I really want to get through the fire. I’ve tried Whole 30 four times before and three times I gave in when I was around 25 days in and the fourth one I kind of made it through but allowed myself to eat rice and ignored the reintroduction phase.

This time. I’m committed….not counting the tiniest sip of beer and accidentally, truly, drinking some cream inside Aun’s coffee. At that stage if I started over I felt I wouldn’t finish, so carried on.

So I’m on day 20 now and after a few days of thinking it was impossible to not eat sugar without itching my skin off, I guess that’s a tick I get from detox, I made it through and after the final mind fuckery day I woke up and suddenly didn’t crave sugar. It was easy that day. The last detox day was the hardest for me but I was blissed out at how easy it was after just letting it be and eating ghee covered chicken.

The Boredom of Today

Today I looked in the fridge and saw kale and felt like a three year old saying….Agaiiiin? I felt so uninspired. The entire fridge looked like edible disappointment. I sprinkled nooch on it, lazily cooked it knowing it would taste like boredom, added some chicken broth and then thought it was now soggy boredom. I plated it and then saw a hope in the fridge in the form of a Ceaser dressing. I poured it over half the kale, in case it also sucked, and then added mayo to the other half. A bite went into my mouth, and I smiled. It tasted epic. The pieces of turmeric were crispy and aromatic, the dressing changed it enough that it didn’t taste like I had ingested this same dish 80 times already.

The boredom backed off……for about an hour …and then came back. We had thoughts of a clotted cream stuffed pastry with lemon curd on top and raspberry powder sprinkled over. If we eat then it might calm this craving down. The sugar dragon is hiding, but now the gluten dragon wants to play. Aun suggested exercise so we did jumping jacks before the egg cooking, sparked some new neurons, then cooked scrambled eggs.

The eggs worked. They are filling enough I wouldn’t….almost….sort of jump into a pile of pastries and open my mouth, dive in and eat everything in my path. As long as I don’t think of it too much.

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SI-Ya Ray

Greetings beautiful people. I bliss out over crafting new flavors, interviewing test makers and restaurant owners and discovering the brain.

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