Spicy Turmeric Latte (Whole 30 & Paleo)

This creamy and naturally sweet latte is packed with turmeric for a smooth and aromatic flavor. The ginger and pepper both add a nice spicy feel while the ghee and creamer smooth it all out.

When I was doing Whole 30 I decided to also cut out caffeine. The no coffee life is one I’ve lived in before and I actually had more energy than I did on coffee. All of those spikes and adrenal gland tomfoolery usually left me irritated and drained by five o’ clock. I love the ritual of coffee though, the boiling of water, the grinding of beans and then the flavor you get to drink. It is very personal as you create it.

With this latte you boil the ginger and watch the water change colors. You pour the tea into a blender of Vitamix Aer Disc (what I used when I had a treat yo’ self day and am so glad I did because it can make water fluffy). Then you measure out and add the turmeric powder, the dairy free cream, the ghee and then pinch that pepper between your fingers before adding its final touch. There’s a ritual to it and you get to put a lot of love into that bright orange liquid bliss.

When it comes to the pepper you can either add a small pinch just to get it to activate the turmeric for maximum benefits, or you can add a lot if you enjoy pepper and spice. By a lot I mean still about a 1/4 teaspoon. Turmeric needs not only pepper but also fat in order to activate its full on healing benefits. It is fat soluble which means it needs fats to dissolve. This latte has both fat and pepper and is deliciously sweet without any sweetener, it’s a natural turmeric property I’m happy to take full advantage of whenever I can. On Whole 30 I tend to have this daily and even when the round is over. It’s just an especially tasty treat to help rewire the brain when I’m on it. This latte is also low carb, keto, sugar free, gluten free and dairy free (yay SEO optimization!). This delicious liquid also is immune boosting and can really help out the immune system.

Whole 30 and Paleo Spicy Turmeric Latte


For the Ginger Tea:

1/4 C Raw Ginger, packed

2.5 C Water

For the Latte: (t=teaspoon T=Tablespoon)

2 C of Ginger Tea

1/2 t Turmeric Powder

1/2 T Ghee up to 1T if you’re using it for a meal replacement

1 T Sweetener Free Non Dairy Milk

Small or Large Pinch of Pepper (depending on how spicy you want it)

Directions for ginger tea:

  1. Slice ginger thinly and add it to a pot with 2.5 cups of water. You can also double this amount if you plan to have two lattes or want to skip this step the next day.
  2. Bring the water to a boil.
  3. Once the water boil turn it down to medium high for about four minutes.
  4. Once the water changes color to a golden tint it is ready.
  5. Let the water cool about a minute so as not to blow the top of your blender.

Directions for latte:

  1. Add all ingredients to either Vitamix Aer Disc or blender. You can either strain the ginger tea into another vessel or use a slotted spoon when pouring it into blender.
  2. For Aer Disc start at 1 and turn it up to a 6 for two minutes.
  3. For a blender start at 1 and turn up to 7 for two minutes.
  4. Pour into cup an enjoy.


  1. Immediately clean our your blending vessel otherwise overtime it will turn yellow because turmeric stains.
  2. Be very direct about putting turmeric in the vessel so it does not touch countertops. Seriously it will dye your world.
  3. You can make ginger tea with that cut up ginger more than once and even up to four times. You can even just add more fresh ginger if it is getting too weak for you.

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