1 Minute Alfredo Sauce (paleo, Low Carb & Whole 30)`

I was dilly dallying like a lily flowering and came to a realization. This is the best state to have realizations in I have found. I was making my way through a Whole 30 with vivid dreams of chocolate cupcakes when I knew I needed to find some comfort food.

I had already been adding the cheesiness of nutritional yeast to everything and if you have any cheese cravings just lick this off your fingers like butter from popcorn. I decided to add some cheesiness to the mayo I was also having daily and pour it over spaghetti squash noodles. From here I consulted the Google machine for Alfredo sauce for Whole 30 or paleo and realized all of them required boiling a cauliflower or something and in my head mayo already had oil, eggs and fluff so why not just add the spices? It’s incredible and filling and I think I like it more than regular Alfredo.

This sauce is great on a spoon, in a spaghetti squash, under zoodles and even as a dip like hummus for carrots and cucumbers. Experiment away and let me know how you love it.

1 Minute Alfredo Sauce– Whole 30 and Paleo Style

-serves 2 for zoodles, 1 for spaghetti squash

1/2 Cup Mayo

1/2 Tbs Nooch (nutritional yeast)

3-4 teaspoons of Broth (bone is best for umami, if veggie add a little extra salt)

1/8 tsp Italian Seasoning

1/8 tsp Onion powder

Pinch of Pepper to Taste


Combine everything but the broth in a bowl and then add one teaspoon of broth and whisk. Add the rest of the broth one teaspoon at a time and whisk between adding. Test with a spoon or your finger at 3 teaspoons and increase from there depending on how thin you want this sauce.

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SI-Ya Ray

Greetings beautiful people. I bliss out over crafting new flavors, interviewing test makers and restaurant owners and discovering the brain.

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