If you desire any advice on your mind/body journey into the most challenging and rewarding journey of your life I am here to help and check email every day. I know food has become confusing, and I’m constantly trying to figure it out too.

If you desire to work with or sponsor me that would be lovely and I’m sure we could create epic mouthgasms together. Simply email me and we can get started.



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  1. I am very interested in your theory of how food effects the mind. I could not click the link to the post you made regarding this on a blog. Can you tell me how to find it or copy it and send to me….many thanks. I have a highly dysfunctional family and father now has Parkinson’s and mother has Alzheimer’s/dementia. Both of them eat a “normal” diet but Ignore allergies to grains and consume ice cream and cookies regularly. They would rather die and be unhealthy than change their diet, but as the daughter, rejected by them be they don’t understand my diet (haha) I struggle with what diet is best for me. I am grain free and eat probably mostly a paleo diet… All organic… I am trying to make the switch to ketogenic, but have had a tough time trying to get my body to process the fat. I have always been interested in diet and was raw for many years….However, I just got too thin. Thanks for your time and consideration.

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    1. I can send you quite a lot and would love to talk more about this. Please email me at
      In basics they’ve proved that mental disorders are from processed foods and toxins as well as nutrient deficiencies.The best way to get these back is to add organ meat into the diet. I mostly eat organ meat and veggies and butter. Basically, avoid all inner aisles of the super market.

      When it comes to family know that you are fighting a larger battle than you know. These foods are addictive and America does not call them drugs, but sugar is a drug. Caffeine and alcohol are too. Other countries are really confused when they come here and see how rampant addiction is.

      Hahaha fudgesicles I really need to do a full post on this. Go ahead and email me and I’ll work on making a blog post. 😉


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