Paleo/Primal/Keto Explained

Primal Life Two

To Gain Control Over Your Body and Mind

Let me first scare you by letting you know companies made the food pyramid. Here’s a great article on it.

So you might have mind wonders about what these different diets are. Here is the thing most of us don’t like about it even being called a diet. These are lifestyles. We try them, fall madly into love bubbles and want to float away forever. We don’t want to be the new lackers of marriage binding. We are committed and this is not a fling.

This diet is not a fancy hippy movement at its roots. It is called the caveman diet for a reason. At some point in life this diet cost no money and life wasn’t this complicated when it came to defining health. We slayed dragons and picked snozberries and that was life.

In reality humans used to know what to eat just because it was there. We didn’t have stores, we had trees and wild acres of land to eat from.

America just so happened to try and pull in foods from all over the world and create our own diet. This led to high fat high carb consumption. Cultures range between the two but they are not naturally combined.

The highest fat foods, butter and meat, have no carbs. The higher carb foods, root veggies and honey/sweeteners, have no fat. Combining the two, and especially with processed foods, actually addicts the mind because it is confused as to what is happening. This brings the body out of balance. Here is an article about food addiction and how processed foods ladened with high fat and high sugar addict you. It isn’t your fault you “can’t eat just one”.

Sugar and carbs are different, and in different foods.

It is much easier to grab an apple from a tree than to dip your hand into a beehive. It is also easier to pull up a root vegetable.

Apples come about at a certain time of year though, and berries are hard and rare to grow. Root vegetables would have been eaten at a different time as well, while spinach and basil are also seasonal. I think a seasonal diet would be a more rounded approach to food, but no one has really created one yet. I hope to someday, but I’m getting too many life goals. I just want to study cognitive neuroscience and write fantasy novels and do research and move to Iceland and open a restaurant and stick myself in a machine and eat McDonald’s after detoxing on organ meat for a month so it will show my mind freak out and try to kill itself so people can actually believe it. So I can believe it.

Now in oddly scary but not news, sugar is addictive. It truly is. Watch a kid on sugar. I have worked at a daycare and at a movie theater….actually three vivid storages of memories in my mind are of kids on sugar. One was at 3 AM at Alamo Drafthouse when a kid begged for a shake and the mom said “Okay sweetie, try to not seem so addicted.” *laughter*. The way he snatched that shake when it arrived….

The other is of this kid who ate McDonald’s every morning that his parents brought in. This is when I worked at the daycare. He was 12, couldn’t speak English yet, and we needed to change his diaper. His name was Charlie. His brother seemed fine.

The girl at the daycare who was the most social and had the most control was allergic to gluten and her mom had her on a strict diet of vegetables and only home brought foods. She could play music and spoke to adults as though they were friends.

The final memory is of my twin and me. I was sitting on the concrete that sloped down from the band hall. Abbey and I, my twin, were drinking our favorite energy drink, Monsters with a side of sour patch kids. For me. Her candy was something else. We were talking and talking, excited with the thrill of our own breaths and life itself. Someone listening asked if we were high. We laughed and said we were high on life. Later that night we talked about how most people were just bored with life while we were just naturally high so it seemed like we were on drugs. Really we were just high on life. We felt sorry for other people. So bored. We weren’t on any drugs….not to us.

Many memories swirl together of children not being able to control themselves. I watch them and their minds. I watch how they go from control of themselves, talking and laughing and reading. Then I watch them after a cookie, spurting out from their own bodies after. Their words go quick and they try to pause but can’t. They jump and run and they’re…’just being kids’.

I have a deep care for children…and humans in general. To watch those I love, and the ones I haven’t got to form love for just yet, has been a truly painful feeling to adapt to.

Memories aren’t just of kids that stain me. I watch my friends. I watch my twin….I watch with the pain of seeing addiction in their brains, and no one believing me.

They believe it more and more. I point it out. They fight me on it, but they start to feel it and see it. I understand. I was in denial for 23 years.

Welcome to the reason I do this blog and write books. I have to do something to help curve that crave feeling that leeches from that pain. That crave to give humans back control of their bodies and their minds. To give you back the feeling that you can love your body and your  mind. To give humans back the feeling that they are in the most evolved creature on this planet. To make you feel the incredible immersion and power that exists within being an animal.

In order to feel that raw power you need to give yourself life. Feed your body the life it needs. When you feed your body texture it can’t use that texture but to feel full. Give your body greens, give it true meat, give your body what it needs to adapt. To think. To spark neurogenesis. To remember. Your body is not a hollogram. To function and have ‘higher thinking’ you need the nutrients that allow for it. Otherwise your body and your brain will not know how to live and will form different ways to die. Mental disorders. Obesity. Anxiety. Pain. Trapped within yourself.

Without those nutrients we stop connecting as well to life simply because the brain doesn’t have what it needs to connect. Welcome to mental disorders.

Your body is still human though. It will adapt to what you feed it. It is actually incredible that we can live on fast food. I’ve gotten past pain and moved onto scientific fascination. Just wow. We can ‘live’ on texture.

I was on fast food and energy drinks for years and now I’m free of it and mental disorders. I’ve never felt more alive and thrilled at existence. From suicide to mind thriving. I’m not selling you anything and I will always refuse to. This is not a meal plan that I created. This is not a food I’m trying to sell you. Life is trying to sell itself to you through my words. I want you to go to your local farm and talk to to the person that is selling you life. Life though. Food. That come from Earth. This gorgeous and bountiful home you live in is what feeds you. The life on this planet turns to life in us. Embrace earth, love earth. This place is incredible and we get to live in it, on it, and through it. Your body even comes from it.

If you want to follow the idea of going back to what your body might naturally need based on ancestry then I suggest looking at this article by Mark: The Definitive Guide to Using Your Recent Ancestry to Determine Your Optimal Diet


Paleo Thinking

If you follow paleo thinking to its strictest sense you will enter into ketosis during the summer and hibernate during the winter.

Wicked Sing a long Pic

Kind of. Cultures are different. This is where it stops making sense in a sentence. One day I plan to create an ap where you can put in your location and it will tell you what foods would have been naturally available at that second.

Go ahead and steal the idea. I’m being too slow on it.

Sugar actually causes a reaction in our bodies to hibernate and store food. Well…natural sugar does like fruit.

Sugar in itself is a drug and addictive to humans. From a Here and Now article:

“DiNicolantonio is careful to differentiate between refined and intrinsic sugars; while the former have the potential to cause adverse health effects due to their concentrated nature, the latter, such as lactose in milk, “aren’t necessarily unhealthy,” he explained. In fact, humans are biologically drawn to sugar, as it helps the body to store fat, and thus allowed us to better survive winter in Paleolithic times.

“Unfortunately now, that [neurological] reward is working against us because now we’re ingesting very refined sugars at a much higher potency and dose than we used to,” he said.

But sugar addiction is not biological. Instead, DiNicolantonio says a certain consumption threshold must be achieved over a certain period of time in order to alter the brain’s neurochemistry. Subsequently, people experience dopamine depletion and sugar withdrawals.”

“You get this intense release of dopamine upon acute ingestion of sugar. After you chronically consume it, those dopamine receptors start becoming down-regulated — there’s less of them, and they’re less responsive,” he said. “That can lead to ADHD-like symptoms … but it can also lead to a mild state of depression because we know that dopamine is that reward neurotransmitter.”

This makes intuitive sense. If you are having to scavange for food underground then it is either cold or there is a lack of above ground food. Your body then will want to store food in order to survive. It also stores up for the sake of winter. If there is access to tons of fats (meats, oils, leafy greens), then our bodies will tell us to stay out of the cave to get food.

Paleo is fully centered around getting back to our primal roots/what our ancestors ate. If all other animals know what to eat then at some point so did we, naturally. Humans then moved all over and were able to adapt to tons of different environments. It’s incredible actually. Then America came about and we decided to integrate food from all over instead of use the land. Oh humans and adaptation.

Then companies decided to mess with your brain, and taste buds to the point your body no longer knows what to naturally do. This is…a horror I can barely type out it angers me so much. Yet, it is also our fault for allowing it. I used to knock back three energy drinks a day with sour patch kids inside. When that wasn’t enough I dipped sugar cubes into icing. Allowance was a bad idea for us. Then my twin and I both developed ADHD, OCD, and depression. These things have all been cured for me as I follow this lifestyle.

It makes sense. When your body is deprived of nutrients, and then even gets poison to function on (processed) it glitches. Our minds don’t connect to life properly. You can look into studies about the gut flora and memory or the gut brain, but really you just need to analyze yourself and the way these things feel in your body.

Then analyze how you feel when you eat the right thing. That’s the whole point of me having recipes here at all. Mindproved and bodyproved by this human body I live in.

On the other side just because our ancestors ate or didn’t eat something does not mean our bodies have not developed ways to process these foods. In general we just don’t have the body skills to take on processed foods and there are foods we can process like human beasts. Why not eat the best foods you can for yourself?

Keto Thinking

The real difference between paleo and keto is the carbs.

The idea is that our ancestors didn’t have unlimited access to fruits or root vegetables.

Honestly, though this lifestyle is mostly used for weight loss and recent studies are showing a ton of success in it, I use it to keep my brain free of past mental disorders. Mostly that is done through avoiding all processed foods and going for grassfed meat. It isn’t about it tasting better, which it does because the body can tell, but because I tested again and again and each time those foods fucked with my mind. The brain just can’t use them to connect.

I see a lot of real life stories on it from where people naturally lose tons of weight and gain a ton of energy. There are stories of it curing insomnia, IBS, obesity, anxiety and other mental issues.

The paleo diet allows for root vegetables as well as honey and fruit. Keto does not allow for these due to their high carb count. You want to keep your body at a detox is the main keto idea. Now this is where most people shudder at the idea of a keto diet. I did at first. I think I cried into the bowls of a cantaloupe. Eventually though, my body adapted, and I no longer crave fruit or even like more than a bite. It is far too sweet now. Also, I used to make potatoes every day with pecans and cinnamon and wine. I  no longer want those either. There are better vegetables, fresh ones, that can get you the texture of potatoes but with better flavors.

Other cultures/ancestral lines did eat root veggies though and had higher carb diets. I’m of a European decent and come from a higher fat diet. I believe this is why it works for my body so well. Here is an article by Mark explaining why ancestry matters when it come to diet.

Your body can run on two different energy sources. It can run on sugar/carbs or it can run on fats. Fats got a bad rap when companies banned together and created the food pyramid. There is a primitive culture that eats organ meat and throws the muscle to the dog. I feel that way now that I’ve embraced fats and organ meats. My body rejects that lean compensation of true meat.

The low-fat movement wound up lacing our foods in sugar. A drug. We have to accept it is a drug. We get cravings for it, have withdraws from it and it alters our minds. I was so addicted to it, but if I can recover from my main energy source being energy drinks and warheads marinated in sugar, I’m sure your body is up for the task too.

Low-fat anything, especially yogurt, had to be covered up by sugar because companies knew that once you tried their nutrient deprived ick food the movement would be rejected. Instead, they addicted you to it.

Be angry about this.

Then Embrace Fats and Bacon.

 Think about how much you love bacon. Remember how much you love butter, oils and coconut. Our bodies love fats. This isn’t some coincidence of the mind. Our bodies do know what they need and they let your mind know it too. Fats are gorgeous and glorious and we need to get back to them. In fact, keto is used for weight loss most of the time. Your body is not meant to be fat and once you get back to nature and embrace what it contains you turn into the human nature intends you to be.

Once your body starts getting the nutrients it needs you truly feels full. It is an incredible feeling laced in control. Food even tastes better as your body and mind both want it together. It has been the only way I have gained control of my mind and body.

Then, when you no longer need food it tastes bland and you stop craving it.

There are plenty of great resources for starting the keto diet and I am not one of them just yet. Craig is where I started and he can guide you as well. Then you’ll want to form a community on Instagram and join Reddit for that community as well. was my haven for my first year of it.

Combining the Lifestyles

Turn keto organic and you’ve got paleo. Take the root veggies and sugar out of paleo and you’ve got keto.

You basically no longer care about the inner aisles of a store with processed moments but instead stick to the outside.

You go for the vegetables, the meats, the creams and the eggs. When first switching what you put inside you most will have you get off of dairy for thirty days first. This is not punishment. It is to see if you have an adversity to cheese/dairy within you. After thirty days you try it and see if you can handle. I, personally, never forsook dairy, but I refused for it to harm me.

You might think this is hard or expensive but eating organic is actually cheaper than fast food. I’ve calculated the costs before and it honestly just makes sense. Companies aren’t going to be taking the cost onto themselves of the paper/people required to run their business. Those costs turn to you and your body. Also, when I was trying fast food for my experiment I often found that it just made me more hungry. Your body isn’t getting actual nutrients from it and thus still signals that it needs them/causes the feeling of hunger.

Paleo/Primal is a wonderful lifestyle that embraces nature and delves into going organic, local and avoiding processed/fast food.

You do have to give up pasta, grains, bread and all the foods that are just fillers anyway. We have substitutes for all of these and all of them are better.

It does take forsaking your childhood to become an adult and to become fully human.

For more information on the paleo/primal lifestyle I recommend Mark.

Finally if you want to embrace both, as this blog does, refer to my shining beauty of a mindbliss mentor, Maria.

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